Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gloves of Awesomeness

I have an amazing knitting book called "Alterknits: Imaginative Projects and Creativity Exercises" by Leigh Radford filled with amazing projects just waiting to be crafted. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to expand their knitting horizons. One pattern in particular was at the tip-top of my list...lace-up fingerless gloves (what I like to call Gloves of Awesomeness). It wasn't until two days ago that I finally acquired the needed supplies to make them.

My husband, Ari, took me to Hobby Lobby! I tell you, I almost peed myself I was so excited. We have to travel an hour away (or more) from town to visit craft stores with anything resembling a selection. After about 30 minutes of nail-biting, pacing, indecisiveness, Ari stepped in to aid me in my crafting crisis, bless him. The man is so damn patient and understanding about my neuroses and absentmindedness it just blows my mind sometimes. He'll just smile kindly and help me. * sigh * ... Ahem! Sorry. Where was I? Oh, yes, supplies for my gloves.

On the ride home, I realized I had forgotten the book at the house and now was stuck in the car for an hour with my delicious new needles and yarn....but no instructions to get started. I almost cried in earnest I was so distraught. Then, it dawned on me: I need to work a swatch to check my gauge! The day was saved and away I went.

This will be my first time using double point needles and working in the round so this should be quite the adventure. So far, I am very pleased with how even my stitches have come out considering I haven’t knitted in three months.

So, it’s coming along quite nicely and progress has been rather smooth and bumpless (to my great surprise). I was shocked at how simple and NOT scary dpn really are to use! They have been great fun, actually. The first glove is almost complete muah ha ha ha!! It feels as if one could take on anything after discovering that something, once seeming so terrible to behold, is in fact a breeze.

Watch out, yarn stash!

NOTE: If I don’t come out of my house after a few days someone may need to rescue me from the tangled mess I will surely be in after trying to conquer something too far out of my league. lol


  1. These sound really neat, you'll have to post a picture when you're done with them. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I will definitely get hoppin' on that. :) For now, I will post a picture I took of the book so you can see what they will be like when done.

  3. They are really cute, can't wait to see them finished.


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