Thursday, April 29, 2010

Such a Space Case

So, I've been completely lax about finishing my Gloves of Awesomeness.  Maybe the super hot weather we've been having here in Florida is the deterrent... or I could just be a lazy bum.  I think I'm a lazy bum.  What I have been doing is playing around with my style and going out.  My first anniversary was also on the 26th this past Monday ^_^ Yay.

Speaking of my anniversary, we are supposed to be going to New Orleans this weekend with friends to celebrate.  As of right now, all but one friend has said they aren't going and we can't get a hold of the last one for some reason.  We are supposed to leave tomorrow and no word.  Ari and I can't afford to go by ourselves so it sucks big time.  I have to admit that I am angry/frustrated with our friends and my husband.  Ari didn't make reservations three or four weeks ago when I told him to, we didn't set aside enough money, and my friends essentially all bailed (like the last trip to New Orleans I planned for my birthday a few years ago...except that time, a few of them went anyway without me after the trip was canceled).  I was soooo pissed.  I think New Orleans is cursed for me...I'm starting to think I'll never get to go. *crosses fingers and scrunches face*  Ok, Bitchfest is over.  My apologies for sounding like a brat.

It is now my job to figure out what we will do for Plan B if Plan A doesn't pan's looking like it won't.

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