Friday, June 4, 2010

The Plantlings

The Dear Little Heirloom Tomato

     It could be the weather but, I believe I'm actually managing to keep four plants alive.  I check on them everyday, sometimes twice or more what with the Florida heat.  The sun is so intense that after many close-to-death calls I had to put my Dear Little Heirloom Tomato in partial shade to keep the poor thing from continuing to get fried every day.

     At first, the battle between the Sun and me was quite the epic tale.  Eventually, though, with my sharp intellect, Water, brute strength, and determination, I prevailed and won the day.

The Lonely Dancing Hydrangea 

     The Trees unfurled banners of green in my honor, the Lonely Hydrangea danced with the Breeze in celebration of my toil, and my Dear Little Tomato plant budded fruit that she has offered to share with me in thanks.  The Begonias did nothing for me, but that is to be expected from them, even though they are in the urns on the front stoop and had no knowledge of the plight.

The Lofty Begonias of Front Stoop Urns
(one of the two, anyway)

     The Lofty Begonias think that they are much better than anyone else but I love and care for them just as tenderly as the rest.  I let them think they get the special treatment since there are no other plantlings to disabuse them of this notion, there is no need to break their fragile hearts and bruise their tender egos.  Since not once were they told such a thing, I feel not one ounce of guilt for telling a lie because I did not.


  1. You need to come over and spread some of your green-thumb-magic to my poor aloe plant! She looks as me beseechingly whenever I pass by...but no amount of encouraging seems to do the trick! <3

  2. Okay, invite me over when you are home and I will take a gander.


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