Thursday, June 10, 2010

From Folds of Sable to Layers of Snow

I am beginning a quest.  A quest I was, at first, very opposed to.  Now that I have come around there is much fun, excitement, and an adventure to be had.  

The quest is this:  

Recreate my wardrobe without using black. 
My current wardrobe is almost completely composed of fabric that is black as pitch so this shall be quite the challenge.  The new theme is to be centered around shades and hues of white in the form of crinolines, lace, and fluff.

To inspire the creative juices to flow, I have scoured 
the interwebs for inspiration.  The main elements are to be demonstrated with a selection of choice photographs.
The pictures may not be all white or might have black in them but, there is something stylistically appealing about the object in question.  Can you guess what it is?

I like the cut and pattern of the shoes above.

There is something about the combination of colors and the makeup that draws me to the photo on the right.  It's so whimsically ridiculous that I must have it.

I find myself drawn to the floof of the tutu ... ignore the hooped portion.

*** Thank you to all the people I am borrowing these photographs from for this entry. ***


  1. I am swooning over the dresses in the first picture! Incorporating new things into your style should be so much fun!

  2. By all means, I encourage such brave behavior in each of our trio. We have all grown stylistically stagnant over the years, in my opinion. It's high time I branched out to something new.

  3. Hi Bethany and thanks for becoming a follower on my blog...Did you find me via “home” of my face blogs as well...I love your sense of style...those l920’s shoes are so great,,as are the rest of your images...

  4. @ Beatnheart - Yes, I did find you via "home" and it is so wonderful I couldn't help but follow. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments and for following me, too. I look forward to seeing your next blog entry.

  5. you are not on your own, my wardrobe is mostly black with a little white and various shades of grey. If only I was brave enough to wear a tutu! How divine.


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